Living in NYC: Dining On A Budget! $

Living in a big city can definitely be expensive, providing you avoid lavish restaurants! Restaurants can be pricey especially if you prefer dinning in Midtown Manhattan or the Upper West Side. Being a college student with a budget has definitely taught me how to save on food, shopping and more. If you’re like me and love eating out instead of always eating a home cooked meal and want to save then this is the advice for you!

Thai Mojito

During this holiday season I told myself I would try out different restaurants and enjoy some quality time with friends. The first restaurant I tried out was Lantern Thai located on Gramercy Park at 311 2nd Ave! This Thai restaurant offers a relax, warm, modern space. Their prices run from $11-$30 depending on what you order. They offer a wide range of selections from noodles, rice, soup, salad and appetizers.

Before I go to any restaurant I usually look at a couple of things:

Price Range

These things are a must to look at before trying out any new restaurant! For one looking at reviews gives you an idea of how their food taste, their customer service as well as how their food looks by the pictures previous customers have posted on different sites such as Yelp! Yelp is a good site for user generated reviews on restaurants and different businesses. You can always head over to their website and take a look at their menu section for an idea of their price range.

For starters I ordered a Thai Mojito. This drink has mint with apple and ginger ale with lime on top!  This drink is a must have whenever you decide to dine at a Thai restaurant. For an appetizer I ordered my favorite Crispy Calamari! It sounds gross but it’s worth a try. To end my dining experience I ordered Yellow Rice with Fried Chicken as my entree. This might sound typical but it definitely had its own flavor to it.

Following these tips and tricks will allow you to dine and save a couple of bucks! After all, since there are so many expensive restaurants there has to be a couple that are inexpensive, right?


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