Why Every Woman Should Spoil Herself For Valentines Day..

It’s officially February and Valentines Day is just around the corner and I figured why not share the importance of treating yourself with some valentine theme treats. Whether you’re single or taken you always want to make yourself look and feel good and most importantly happy! Ladies—remember love yourself first, why? Because you deserve it! I have put together some items I purchased from Victoria Secret during their Valentines Day special.Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

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Satin Kimono
Now this was a must buy for me. I absolutely love satin kimonos. Recently I’ve been obsessed with silks and satin for its great texture and feel. It’s perfect to wear to bed, cover up or even to simply lounge in at home. The kimono robe has been part of the Victoria Secret lingerie collection and has been a best seller since then. Personally, since the purchase of my first silk robe from Adoreme.com, I told myself id purchase another one in another color so why not now. Normally, I wear my satin robe to bed or even while I’m getting ready to apply my makeup for a night out. In the Victoria Secret collection they offer a wide variety of colors from black, ruby wine, winter rose, bright cherry, ivory, leopard, clover green and black with a paisley print. Originally, I wanted to purchase the clover green since olive-green is my favorite color but unfortunately it was sold out so I stuck with Bright Cherry and I must say the color is amazing and definitely a classic. I would say look at the size and fit description before ordering. I purchased a size XS/S and it fit perfectly!

The Lacie Plunge Teddy
I’ve always wanted to purchase a Teddy but never found it necessary. I feel like teddies are things you wear on special occasions under a dress or if you’re feeling extra nice. Since VS were having sales I told myself why not. This Teddy according to the VS website is sheer with unlined lace with adjustable straps on the back with an allover stretchy floral lace. Just like the kimono, it offers a wide range of colors from black, ensign, white, and lip smacker and rosy mauve. Being that I am not a huge fan on spending money on lacey underwear, I said spoiling yourself here and there wont hurt. I ordered the color Ensign, which is essentially a navy blue color in a size S.

Cupid Kit
This cupid kit was offered during VS Valentine Day sales with a purchase of $65 dollars. Since both the Kimono and the Teddy was over a $65 dollars I was offered this sweet extra gift. The kit included a cosmetic case with two pairs of Show Stoppers, one Beauty Rush lip-gloss and a Body by Victoria Thong. Who doesn’t love sweet offers? I know I do.

February 14th might be the day of “Love”, but who says you can’t indulge in a little bit of self-love! After all everyone deserves taking charge of their own well-being and happiness.


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