Skin Care Products For Under $15

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The season is changing rapidly and so is the condition of my skin. My face and body changes from dry to shiny to dry to shiny as the temperature changes. The winter is the worst time for my skin because I am constantly trying to find new ways to moisturize my skin. I am always looking for new products to try. Since we are two months away from summer, why not get your skin ready for that perfect glow!

FYI: If you know me I am obsessed with smelling good and taking care of my skin.

I recently went to TJ Maxx and purchased some skincare products. TJ Maxx is great for its wide selection in skin care products ranging from low to high-end products. I realized that they sell a lot of Asian, Italian and Australian skin-care products. Not only are they different but they are affordable.

I first picked up the Anatomicals bye-bye miss American dry cherry body lotion($5) . I instantly fell in love with how soft it made my hands feel and had to add it to my collection of lotions. This product is paraben free and comes from Australia. Since my body scrub was finished, I decided to look for another culprit. The second product I picked up was the Buff Your Stuff Body Scrub With Sweet Almond Oil and Pumic and Shea ($4). Let me tell you, the smell is amazing. This product contains scrubby pumic with peach stone particles and comes from England. Lastly, I needed a new bottle of Tea Tree Oil so I picked up a different brand called Nature Love Essential Oil Tea Tree ($6). Essential oils have been known to help detoxify and refine skin as well as reduce stress. Although, I have not tried it for these purposes I will definitely give it a shot. Personally, I use Tea Tree oil for its benefits on acne. Lately due to stress from college, I have been experiencing more acne than normal. Tea Tree oil is great for acne because it reduces the surface of the pimple and blocks oil and dirt to reduce painful products. I simply apply the oil with a cotton swab gently on the pimple and by the next morning it has reduce it. The smell is extremely strong so be careful when you first try it.

Oh, btw I couldn’t help myself so I picked up a new candle from Bath & Body Works: Waikiki Beach Coconut. They were having a sale on their 3- Wick Candle for just $12.50.


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