Did I hear someone say 21? Yes, I can’t believe it’s been twenty-one years since I have crossed this earth. Sounds crazy right? Happy Birthday To Me!

Any-who, I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started my blog and I am beyond amazed at the progress and growth of my passion and creativity. As a blogger, your goal is to share as much content as possible but with a busy life-like mine sometimes it can get you caught up with a million and one things. I promise, I have so much more I want to share and it doesn’t stop here.

Although I am not exactly where I want to be, I know Gods time is the best time. This year God has pushed me way beyond my comfort zone. 20 was a memorable year for me. I experienced new memories, blessings, obstacles, made tons of mistakes and yet again big opportunities in my career. (Isn’t that what growing up is all about)

Looking forward to what 21 has to offer. Graduating with my bachelors degree + starting my adult life.

Once again, thank you 20-year-old me. It was great knowing you but 21 is here to stay.. (haha well just for a year at least).

Zara Blouse
Zara High-Rise  Jeans
Public Desire Heels

(Yes, I know I love Zara waaay too much.. you must admit you can’t blame me they have a wide selection of beautiful clothing)



A Subscription Box for Women Sexual Health? No Way




Yes, you heard me right! A subscription box catered to women’s sexual health for women by women.

What’s in Your Box? Aims to encourage, discuss and educate women to feel comfortable about their sexuality, pleasures and desires openly without feeling any shame. Doesn’t that sound great? To do so, the company has created a monthly subscription box where you can receive a range of different assorted products regarding sexual health, hygiene and pleasure.

I recently stumbled upon this company on my Instagram through a page I follow called Her Campus. The creator of WIYB, Christine Long was featured on their page discussing all the glitz and glam the box has to offer. I instantly became impressed and decided to embark on this journey of shameless sexual health empowerment. (Eh, if that sounds right). As I scrolled down their feed I told myself, this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. For those of you who don’t know, I am currently a senior in college minoring in Women and Gender Studies. Over the course of my semesters, I’ve learned a great number of things ranging from sexuality, women’s oppression and the lack of respect for women and their bodies overall.

I received my first box and I must say it makes me feel empowered to take matters into my own hands. Not to fear, the box comes in discreet packaging so no one will know. To be quite honest, I felt like I had a secret health clinic for women right in my finger tips.

Personally I think it’s time for us to really speak up on women’s sexual health. It’s a discussion that needs more attention. It’s part of life, so why is it hidden under the rug? We talk about menstrual cycles, pregnancy, body image and so much more. Yet, we seem to forget that our sexuality as women are correlated with all these things. So yes, I am kicking this taboo good-bye.

Interested in checking out what WIYB is all about? Check out their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: @whatsinyourbox_. To subscribe, check out their website at


Why I Decided To Follow the Fertility Awareness Method

FullSizeRender.jpgFor as long as I could remember, when I began my menstrual cycle I always tracked my cycle on an app called the Period Tracker. Now if you’re like me and come from a home where things like menstruation, sex or even puberty are swept under the rug then you know that dealing with these issues alone sucks!

Growing up I never really understood how my body worked and why as a female it did the things that it did. To be quite honest with you, sometimes I still don’t. It wasn’t up until college where I started to become more aware of my body. I began to realize that I was becoming a woman.

Whenever I would go to my regular checks ups and gynecologist appointments I would always get asked, “Are you on birth control?” or ” Would you like to know the different kinds that we offer?” I would sit there absolutely confused and politely decline the offer. Now I get it, we live in a society where you’re free to decide what to do with your body and how to prevent yourself from certain circumstances but in all due respect some of us don’t like being talked down to or convinced to use products for our body that we don’t want. I know plenty of women who have used birth control and have either stopped or complained about the negative side affects. Also, after being on birth control some women have found it hard to conceive due to all their hormones being imbalanced. If we as women were taught to have a deeper understanding about our bodies we can learn about the healthier and natural ways of tracking our menstrual cycle and fertility.

This leads me to my point. I recently learned about the FAMS method while browsing through the web and I said to myself wait I’m already following this method. Essentially the Fertility Awareness Method is a way to predict your fertile an infertile days by tracking your temperature, emotions, ovulation and period days along with any side affects you may have. I think this is definitely a safe form of birth control. It gives you the opportunity to track your cycle in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies. However, the FAMS method can be used for other things than avoiding pregnancy. It allows you to take matters into your own hands by naturally paying close attention to what your body does. It’s also the best way to identify any female health problems that may occur.

Whether you’re in high school, college, in a relationship or single you must be aware of your fertility. Begin to understand and appreciate your body and for the way that it works. If you begin to be concerned of any problems regarding your fertility or about your period, you should start taking down notes of how your body reacts.

So if you’re thinking of taking any form of birth control, please think twice! There are a bunch of different period tracker apps to download and they all serve the same purpose. TRUST ME, you’ll thank me later.




Is This The Path For Me?

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“I can’t wait to grow up!” were the words that uttered from my mouth as a young girl. Be careful what you wish for they said and I think they were absolutely right. If I could just slow down time, I definitely would.

As I sit down and reflect back on my summer, I begin to say to myself WOW I am becoming an adult, YIKES! Trust me although I am just 20 years old I think about my future and my career way more than I should but hey you rather be safe than sorry, right?

This summer, I began to realize that I am no longer the adolescence I used to be but I am now the young woman I am molding myself to be. Being back in NYC gave me the chance to build memories, work/intern, network and most importantly grow. As I sit here in my final year of undergrad I ask myself “Is this the path for me?”

When I say path, I mean my career and where my life is headed. Now, when I started college I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do but I certainly had some interest. I knew I wanted to use my voice as an outlet for those who choose to remain unspoken and to discuss various issues to a wider audience.

So you may be wondering, where is Barbara headed with all this? What I am saying is if this is the path for me I have to give it my ALL. I have to give myself the push and motivation I need. If I have to wake up in the morning to do a shoot for a post I will. If I have to fix my resume a hundred times to set myself apart I will. If I have to lose sleep over it, heck I will! In the end, you have to realize the end results will make the noise.

Bless Couture Boutique |
Two- Piece Jumpsuit



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Hello again!

I put this outfit together for a casual night out. I paired this bodysuit with some jeans and heels. Looks simple right? I received so many compliments from this look and decided to share the deets.

All these items were previously worn for different looks. Now let me tell you these heels are cute but super uncomfortable. I think they are really just worn for photos or if you’re going for a quick run. They are definitely not comfortable for a long night out. If you decide to wear these out… Bring Flats! You’ll thank me later


Outfit Details:
PrettyLittleThing Bodysuit
FashionNova Jeans
Forever 21 Leather Jacket
TaylorTyler Camo Clutch
PublicDesire Perspex Heels

Wide Legs + Conversation






This is just my take on an oldie mixed up with new.
Last summer I went crazy and purchased tons of different styles to spice up wardrobe. I must say these wide leg pants are definitely a summer essential.

YES, when I walk I constantly feel like they are dragging on the floor but who cares you have to look good right?

I paired this look with a white tie fronted cropped blouse with these beautiful Zara wide leg pants.
How can I forget this detailed bag! Lately I’ve been obsessed with bags(crossbody bags specifically) I mean how can you forget accessories. They are the most important thing to your outfit.

My goal this summer was to network and connect with friends as much as possible. As the summer is coming to an end I find myself so engaged with tons of amazing people in NYC! I had the chance to catch up with an old high school friend and I can say that things have definitely changed. We discussed life, school, our passions and much more. I can’t wait to see what me and my peers have in store for the future!

Missguided Blouse
Zara Crossbody Bag With Flowers
Zara Wide Leg Pants

Lace Me Up


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So I don’t know about you guys but I’m totally digging this laced dress. I received so much compliments from this simple look. Sundays are my dress up days so I always love to go in style (especially since it is the summer)!

I paired this dress with my favorite go to red heels that I wore for the very first time at my high school graduation. I know it’s been years!

This white lace bardot midi dress only cost me $45 with their 40% including express shipping! Originally the dress cost $60. Sweet deal right? Yes I know.

Missguided Laced Up Dress | Call It Spring Heels | Taylor Tyler Gold Clutch