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“I don’t get what I did to deserve this,” are the words that come from my mouth as I discuss with a friend about constantly feeling unappreciated by those who surround me- specifically those who I have put my love, energy and time on. I always ask myself am I not doing enough or am I simply not good enough. I don’t feel like people care about me the way I care about them or I just don’t feel like I’m being recognized for the love and effort I give. Why don’t they appreciate me? I constantly wonder whether I should wait for them to recognize my worth or walk out the door. What am I doing wrong? 

I’ve come to a point in my life where I am battling between not only letting go of those who make me feel this way but also battling with myself. I’ve always found myself worried about the attitudes of others and how it impacts me. Like watching someone doing something without regarding how it will make me feel. Like how selfish of them? I’d sit here in complete agony and pain. But I’m here to say screw that! No one can appreciate yourself more than YOURSELF. I’ve realized that those who have good hearts like me often feel this way. We are constantly expecting to receive the same love we give. I mean hey after all we are human, right?  Actually it’s quite funny. Yesterday, I received a notification from Facebook on a post I wrote last year in October saying it sucks being a good person you always lose out in the end..BUT no you don’t lose out. Ive learned that when you’re doing something from the kindest of your heart to never expect anything back. God will reward you not mankind!

Let me be the first to tell you that expectation kills! When you get into any connection with any individual whether it be a friendship or relationship be reminded not to expect anything from anyone but yourself! I know this is better said than done. Guard your heart and most importantly guard your emotions. It’s sad to say that our society has caused us to neglect what it truly means to feel. I once heard this phrase..

“it’s truly a blessing and a curse to feel so deeply”

I couldn’t agree more with this statement. Now I am not saying that you shouldn’t trust anyone or you shouldn’t put your hopes up but remember to not get too upset if things don’t go as planned. Unfortunately, people will continue to use you for what they need you for and suck you out dry. Don’t give them the power! (yes, I know I should be taking my own advice. I should know better)

Yes— I am speaking from experience. I have been lied to, disrespected, betrayed and embarrassed but these are the life lessons that’s come with living. No matter what the case is you cannot change the attitudes and behaviors of those around you. Continue to do things for your personal well being and personal success as time goes on those who truly appreciate you will stick by your side or fall through the cracks.

Jacket |Forever21
White Tee | Zara
High-Rise Jeans | J.Crew
Boots | Zara








Did someone say color-block? I have been lacking in the sweater department and decided to slowly fall back into the fall-winter season. The latest global warming crisis has caused me to run away from any coats or jackets. I mean let’s be honest— I am not a big fan of coats. I personally feel like they hide the true details of my outfits BUT truth be told the newest trends have made them such great statement pieces!

Lately I’ve been obsessed with heels but decided to switch it up and grab a pair of burgundy loafers. You know when you’re searching for a pair of shoes and finally found your holy grail? This was it! I could not resist these. I mean the contrasting details on the front makes it a plus.

Can we catch up for a bit?

I’m in the middle of my last Fall semester of undergrad and things are getting pretty hectic. From running to class to work to meetings and lets not forget catching up with family and friends. Most importantly trying not to lose my sanity. Sometimes I don’t give myself enough credit for all the hard work and responsibilities I take on. Being a perfectionist like me can be extremely hard. You’re constantly always trying to make sure you’re getting things done the right way. Yes, I know i’m human and no one is perfect.

 In the mean time it looks like bell sleeves + loafers takes the win!

        Missguided | High Waisted Jeans
      Missguided | Burgundy Penny Loafers






Whether it’s dressing up or dressing down, I have fallen in love with mixing up both. Who knew draw string joggers would make it out to the streets? — well we have to thank Kim Kardashian for this ongoing new trend. Now, I don’t know about you guys but I love dressing up but wouldn’t it be great to dress up in a comfortable way?

Joggers can be paired with full on looks or even for a day out shopping with friends or a simple movie or lunch date. Ever thought about pairing your sweatpants with booties? I surely didn’t but here it is folks.

I paired these stripped joggers with a pair of pointed toe booties I’ve been dying to own. Topped with a distressed jean jacket and crop top. All of these items can either be recycled or paired with a different shoe! What do you guys think of this look?

Distressed Jean Jacket | Naked Wardrobe
Nude Turtle Neck Crop Top | Naked Wardrobe
Stripped Joggers | Boohoo
Pointed Booties | Boohoo

Event Recap: College NYFW

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This Saturday, Her Campus hosted their annual College Fashion Week in NYC at Metropolitan West. The Her Campus Media hosts College Fashion shows all the way from Boston down to New York City. Her Campus aims to provide college fashionistas all around with a VIP Fashion Week Experience by showcasing fall trends. Tons of stylish ladies from different backgrounds attended the event!

The minute I walked in, faces filled with smiles embraced me with TWO free goodie bags from ULTA Beauty and POPSUGAR. I mean what’s not to love? Along with these goodies, a PRIMARK pop up shop and an ULTA Beauty Bar where you can get your brows done and a BED HEAD photo booth.

In addition to being treated by these latest fall and beauty trends, those who attended enjoyed a custard bar provided by Shake Shack and snacks and drinks from Spindriftfresh.

Before the fashion show started, we received a live performance from an upcoming artist Trinidad Cardona! The fashion show itself was amazing with all kinds of trends.

As for my outfit, I went with a boss chick look with a leather skirt from one of my favorite designers Taylor Tyler and a bright red biker jacket. Last but not least with a statement shirt titled “ FEMALE AF”.


TIPS 101: Writing Better Content For The Internet

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Are you looking to create better content by increasing your writing and digital skills? Having trouble on how to start? Do you have ideas and content you would like to share with a wider audience but don’t know how? Have no fear you are in the right place. Here are some bomb tips for writing better content for your various social media platforms to keep your audience in the loop!

Before you begin to follow these tips, you must PLAN and jot down your goals and ideas for your content and what skills you hope to achieve in the process!

  1. Listen/Know Your Audience

In order to achieve an increase amount of followers on your Blog, Instagram or Twitter, you must understand that social media is about the PEOPLE and essentially what they want to hear or pay attention to. First, research your followers based on demographics such as age, race, gender and potentially level of education if possible. Pay attention to who is already watching and constantly viewing your content. Browse through their pages to see what they normally talk about or like. For Example: On Twitter, you can check out your viewers retweets and likes by hitting their likes and tweets tab. In order to know and listen to your audience you must make sure you’re giving them what they like to see and hear. This will help you write for your audience rather than for yourself.

  1. Stay Consistent and Engaging

Whether you’re a blogger, instagram influencer or tweeter, you want to make sure you’re always staying consistent with your content. You should aim to frequently post content a minimum of 2-3 times a week in order to keep up with your audience. Staying consistent with your post allows your viewers to feel connected with them. It also shows that you care about giving them something rather than taking from them. Secondly, aim to engage with your users as much as possible by asking follow up questions on what your posting or if they would like to know more about what you can offer.

  1. Keep it Short and Simple

The Internet is filled with so much information that sometimes one cannot handle. To get your audience attention in the fastest way possible always keep it short and simple. Avoid long statements and messages. Use easy and catchy phrases to make your content fun and easy to understand. Try to bold your words, use subheadings and bullets to make your content appealing to read. Remember: Your audience doesn’t have time to be on your page all day! Try to use conversational tone to make your audience feel like they personally know you. Stay away from sounding boring and too plain. Make them feel as if you’re having a conversation with them face-to-face.

4. Make your Graphics/ Photos Unique

Use eye-catching and appealing pictures to grab the attention of your audience as they are scrolling down you social media page or feed. Pictures often speak louder than words. For Example: If you’re trying to get your viewers to purchase the same clothing you wear, do photo-shoots with these clothing pieces in a creative way. After all, even if they don’t read the words, they will remember the photo!

  1. Pay Attention To Grammar/ Language

Last but not least pay careful attention to your grammar and language over the Internet. Knowing how to write and speak across all Internet platforms will make you not only credible and authentic but also professional in the way you communicate with your audience.

Well that’s it folks, thank you so much for reading! You’re now well on your way to creating great effective Internet content. With these simple tips you can now create the type of content that will bring your viewers coming back!







Did I hear someone say 21? Yes, I can’t believe it’s been twenty-one years since I have crossed this earth. Sounds crazy right? Happy Birthday To Me!

Any-who, I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started my blog and I am beyond amazed at the progress and growth of my passion and creativity. As a blogger, your goal is to share as much content as possible but with a busy life-like mine sometimes it can get you caught up with a million and one things. I promise, I have so much more I want to share and it doesn’t stop here.

Although I am not exactly where I want to be, I know Gods time is the best time. This year God has pushed me way beyond my comfort zone. 20 was a memorable year for me. I experienced new memories, blessings, obstacles, made tons of mistakes and yet again big opportunities in my career. (Isn’t that what growing up is all about)

Looking forward to what 21 has to offer. Graduating with my bachelors degree + starting my adult life.

Once again, thank you 20-year-old me. It was great knowing you but 21 is here to stay.. (haha well just for a year at least).

Zara Blouse
Zara High-Rise  Jeans
Public Desire Heels

(Yes, I know I love Zara waaay too much.. you must admit you can’t blame me they have a wide selection of beautiful clothing)


A Subscription Box for Women Sexual Health? No Way




Yes, you heard me right! A subscription box catered to women’s sexual health for women by women.

What’s in Your Box? Aims to encourage, discuss and educate women to feel comfortable about their sexuality, pleasures and desires openly without feeling any shame. Doesn’t that sound great? To do so, the company has created a monthly subscription box where you can receive a range of different assorted products regarding sexual health, hygiene and pleasure.

I recently stumbled upon this company on my Instagram through a page I follow called Her Campus. The creator of WIYB, Christine Long was featured on their page discussing all the glitz and glam the box has to offer. I instantly became impressed and decided to embark on this journey of shameless sexual health empowerment. (Eh, if that sounds right). As I scrolled down their feed I told myself, this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. For those of you who don’t know, I am currently a senior in college minoring in Women and Gender Studies. Over the course of my semesters, I’ve learned a great number of things ranging from sexuality, women’s oppression and the lack of respect for women and their bodies overall.

I received my first box and I must say it makes me feel empowered to take matters into my own hands. Not to fear, the box comes in discreet packaging so no one will know. To be quite honest, I felt like I had a secret health clinic for women right in my finger tips.

Personally I think it’s time for us to really speak up on women’s sexual health. It’s a discussion that needs more attention. It’s part of life, so why is it hidden under the rug? We talk about menstrual cycles, pregnancy, body image and so much more. Yet, we seem to forget that our sexuality as women are correlated with all these things. So yes, I am kicking this taboo good-bye.

Interested in checking out what WIYB is all about? Check out their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: @whatsinyourbox_. To subscribe, check out their website at http://www.whatsinyour-box.com/subscribe/